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David Allen and Komal Thakkar in Amsterdam Aug 2017

Meet Komal Thakkar, Certified GTD® Coach, Master Trainer

Komal is the founder of Productivity First, a GTD Master Trainer and Certified GTD Coach in Australia.

Komal has been a GTD practitioner for more than a decade and enjoys working with organisations and individuals to align attention and actions with goals, enable stress-free productivity, and improve work-life balance through implementation of Getting Things Done.

Komal has served as a Chair of the APSIG committee for PSA (The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia) and comes with over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector,

Contact Komal – E: komal@productivityfirst.com.au
M:  +61(0) 4 0281 0630

About Productivity First

Productivity First is an Authorised and Certified Partner of The David Allen Company to teach the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology in Australia in accordance with The David Allen Company’s standards.
Our Mission is to help People, Teams and Organizations thrive in their implementation of GTD, help them live stress-free lives and giving them tools to be able to realize their dreams.

We conduct seminars , lectures  , coaching and advice in Getting Things Done (GTD®). and conduct Train-The-Trainer workshops for corporate trainers within organizations.

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