About Productivity First

Productivity First is an International Partner and Authorised Distributor of the David Allen Company in Australia, certified to teach the Getting Things Done®(GTD) methodology – the leading approach to productivity enhancement for individuals and teams.

Komal Thakkar is the Director of Productivity First and Certified Trainer for Getting Things Done (GTD®).

Komal has been a GTD practitioner for more than a decade and enjoys working with organisations and individuals to assist them in the implementation of Getting Things Done by using best practices to reduce stress, increase productivity, as well as enable greater performance, capacity, and innovation.

Komal is also an Accredited Pharmacist with over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector. Komal has expertise in consulting and in assisting Aged Care Homes in the development of policies and procedures along with the implementation of best practices to promote Quality Use Of Medications through participation in Medication Advisory Committees.

Komal Thakkar

Director, Productivity First

Certified Trainer, Getting Things Done®